iGaming CRO – Conversion Rate Optimisation

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Conversion Rate Optimisation is all about using data, analytics and user feedback to optimise the performance of your site, whether that be for new users or existing users. CRO is often an overlooked but hugely important element of any iGaming business where small changes can have big impacts on the bottom line.

When looking at CRO for your business we start by firstly assessing the technical setup and what site events are being logged by your analytics tool and other tools such as heatmapping products, and once this audit is complete we can recommend any changes required to achieve effective on-going analysis and monitoring.

Once the audit is complete we will then look at the traffic to your site including the analysis of the marketing assets and messaging before looking at where each visit land and onwards into customer journeys across the site to improve all journeys and therefore site performance and ROI. Good CRO not only improves ROI exponentially but also defends against what is an increasingly limited attention span of the customer.

Our Process



We start of by reviewing current setup and KPIs to ensure complete understanding.


After reviewing setup, objectives, creative and budgets we will make a proposal.


Once agreed we will deliver the project, then review, report and iterate to achieve goals.

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