iGaming CRM Marketing – Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management

As an agency we believe the days when sending out a few emails is considered CRM, are long gone. Nowadays we need consider iGaming CRM with a holistic, single customer view methodology that includes many more communication methods including email, SMS, social media, push notifications, inbox, and programmatic.

Aside from the methods of communication what makes CRM solutions most effective is great design and creative work across all channels, and using a data led approach to optimise both the method of delivery to everyone, but also each element of the player journeys on every communication channel to achieve the best ROI for your business as possible.

The other main elements that need to be considered are the technical setup required for any business, the optimal setup often being unique for each individual iGaming business, and the best segmentation strategies designed to provide both the best customer experience to every user but also help achieve the life time player values required to set your business apart.


Our Process



We start of by reviewing current setup and KPIs to ensure complete understanding.


After reviewing setup, objectives, creative and budgets we will make a proposal.


Once agreed we will deliver the project, then review, report and iterate to achieve goals.

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