Email Marketing & Campaign Development

Whilst email marketing may seem a little antiquated nowadays with all the technology that’s available, it is still a massively powerful form of communication with your customers to keep them engaged with your brand. Mustard Digital can assist in many areas of email marketing, from advice on setting up an email solution for CRM, to compliance with GDPR and the optimal solution for how to handle the data and campaign structure and development.

The great thing about email is that if done well the return on investment can be huge, due to the low price of sending email via an ESP, compared to the potential return. The other exceptionally interesting element is that there are loads of points of optimisation where huge leaps in conversion and therefore revenue generation can be made. Our data led approach to this can yield some impressive results.

As well as using email marketing for CRM there is also huge potential in using email to acquire new customers, and although this is now a little trickier due to regulation it is still a very feasible channel to use if done correctly, and we can not only advise on how to do it correctly but can also put you in touch with suppliers who are not only compliant but can also deliver traffic volume.

Our Process



We start of by reviewing current setup and KPIs to ensure complete understanding.


After reviewing setup, objectives, creative and budgets we will make a proposal.


Once agreed we will deliver the project, then review, report and iterate to achieve goals.

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