Website Design, Build and Development

Whether you have an existing iGaming website that you want to develop, or you require an new site from scratch our in-house design and development have the skills to meet your requirements, with over 20 years’ experience in development (front and back end), coding, design, database integration and project management between them.

We typically follow our 6-step design and development process:

  • Step 1: Information – we look at the purpose of the site, the target customers, the kind of content required and the ultimate business goals.
  • Step 2: Planning – plan the sitemap, navigation and wireframes to complete a site structure that will work well in terms of both user experience and SEO and cover future proofing and further development.
  • Step 3: Design – create a design that fits with the target audience and site structure requirements to deliver an engaging site that is on-brand.
  • Step 4: Development – creation of the actual site including the build between the front-end design and UI and the backend content management system and database integration.
  • Step 5: Testing – complete end to end testing of the site including all functionality, scripts and code validation.
  • Step 6: Delivery – once fully tested and signed off the site will be uploaded to the server for go live.

Our Process



We start of by reviewing current setup and KPIs to ensure complete understanding.


After reviewing setup, objectives, creative and budgets we will make a proposal.


Once agreed we will deliver the project, then review, report and iterate to achieve goals.

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